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On this platform you will find a wide variety of yoga flows as well as other content, like meditations, ceremonies, personal updates and other teachings to connect you to your most embodied expression.

My desire is that this becomes a deepening of my service to you. More intimate, and deeper than social media allows.

My intention is for you to feel cared for and held in a safe and sumptuous space by me and everyone who is part of this online family.

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"Thank you so much for what you do! I have experienced a lot of trauma in my life that left me feeling out of my body and out of touch and thanks to your classes I have been able to create a safe space within and to explore my sensuality. Thank you 🙏🏼"

Gabriela Rangel

Join our community 🌹

When we enter these spaces where we are able to unfold in safety and in the presence of others, in love & acceptance, it teaches us how to also give that to ourselves.

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This is for you 🪶

So many of us struggle to connect with ourselves, when the world is so loud. When we are constantly outside of ourselves. I want to create a space where you feel save to let go. To step into your inner being. To become present with your beautiful body. To unfold and become fully alive. The asana and all other practices I offer for me are really just my instruments to guide you into your soul. Into presence.

Beautifully designed content for you to dive deep

This membership will give you unlimited access to all of the content I create. Everything I create is deeply nourishing and invites you to step into your soul.

Loving private Community chat

You will be part of our private loving community area to connect with other likeminded souls

livestreams & personal updates

You will be interacting personally with me through regular livestreams and personal updates I will give exclusively to this community

For the one who desires to feel deeply at home within her body & being

Everyone is on their own path. Your unique expression unfolds when you learn to receive the fullness of this life through your bodily experience. This exploration will look different to everyone, which is why you will find a wide variety of practices on this platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the membership?

This Membership includes access to an incredible catalog of videos and live events

Is this membership for women only?

This Space focuses on exploring your body and diving into your feminine energy through yoga, meditation and ceremonies. You will get the change to explore your sensuality and femininity through different offerings, however all of these qualities are genderless. Everyone has feminine and masculine energies present in their bodies no matter the gender you identify yourself with. So no, this space is not just for women.

Do I need to have any prior experiences?

There are really really really NO requirements for you to start a yoga practice. I know it might seem that way in the little internet bubble but it is untrue. Some of the yoga flows I share are for advanced practitioners so if that feels unmanageable in your body, start somewhere else. I have really great beginner classes, that are slower and where I will explain everything more thoroughly. Don’t be discouraged by others who are further along in their journey- we all started somewhere. Generally speaking I’d recommend that you go to your local yoga class in person especially when you are just starting out and have never done any yoga. And then add those online yoga classes on top!

How do I cancel?
If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your membership at any time. Follow the prompts to cancel on the Billing page, and your membership will not renew. Please note that there aren’t refunds for partially unused membership periods.
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You will have 24/7 access from your desktop, mobile or tablet. You can watch all exclusive unfold content anywhere, anytime. Create your own playlists and you will even have the option to download selected classes for offline access.

Movement is Medicine. Energy in Motion.

When you understand this truth- that your emotions are being alchemized through movement- you not only reclaim the connection to your body but you will enter your fully liberated flow state. The state where your mind, body and soul are insync with on another.

Regulated nervous system. Free flowing energy within you.

Presence. Fluidity. Peace.

Watch what unfolds when you meet the world from that place.

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